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Outdoor Yoga is Back!

I waited for the cicada madness to die down, and now it is time. 😊

Truthfully I was making excuses because I am my own worst enemy. What if I put it on the schedule and no one comes? What if it is too hot, or too buggy, or loud, or there are ants in the grass? What if people sign up, but I get sick and have to cancel? Will I disappoint people?

Please join me, under the big tree in the front yard of First Congregational Church of Des Plaines. I love this building so much for many reasons.

Construction began on this building in 1928, and now this church is on the National Register of Historic Places!

For me First Congregational Church is "historic" because it is where my husband and I went to preschool, where my kids went to preschool, where my Aunt Patty and Uncle Kevin were married, where our family is involved in the Second Time Around Sale. This is where my children play in the handbell choir with their grandmother as the director. This building is shared with other churches, from other communities and different ethnic backgrounds. This church hosts classes and meetings for a variety of community members, clubs and organizations. To me, this is more than a structure of bricks and pretty windows. This place is part of me, and part of our community.

I am so grateful that we can roll out our mats here and connect!

Please be sure to register in advance

Thursdays 6-7pm, with Lindsay

July 11, 18, 25

$10 for a single class, or $5 New Student Special!

(🌧️If the weather doesn't cooperate, class will be canceled and the credit will remain on your account. )

I am still offering online classes, and have pop-up classes at local libraries. Additionally, you can find me at Des Plaines Park District, Park Ridge Park District, and Frisbie Senior Center. Twisted Tree Yoga was never about four walls and a front door.

Twisted Tree Yoga has always been focused on community and connection. So I will keep doing that in the many ways I know how, for as long as I can.

With gratitude,


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