Adult Classes

Gentle is a beginner yoga class designed especially for individuals wanting a gentle practice, as well as for folks who live each day with chronic health issues. This class helps to increase mobility, inspire tranquility and promote a sense of overall well-being. The basics of yoga are introduced in a supportive atmosphere at a slower pace. Basic yoga poses and exercises will help you improve postural alignment, body dynamics, and range of  motion.

Beginners is an introductory class for those new to yoga. These classes spend time and attention on posses, flow and breathing. Paying specific focus on how to make your practice safe and beneficial. Offered at a slower pace, these classes focus on the basics of yoga, breath work & movement. It will establish a foundation of basic postures, alignment points, and yoga philosophy that will enhance your daily life.

All Levels is for beginners and those who like to keep it basic. Students are immersed in the fundamentals of Yoga. You will be instructed and supported in learning the process of proper alignment in the poses, breathing techniques, the use of props in your practice to build confidence in your yoga postures, as well as introductory meditation and relaxation techniques. Slightly less instruction than our Level 1 Beginners Class. 

Moderate  While building on fundamental postures, this class will offer an experienced practitioner an opportunity to explore postures more deeply.  While focusing on breath and alignment this class will build strength and confidence to help you stay present on and off your mat.  


Advanced  In this class yogis will explore complex movements and sequences including arm balances and inversions, layered over solid foundations. These classes may incorporate deeper backbends, hip opening, twists, and forward folds.  Modifications and periods of rest are encouraged as needed. This class is designed for experienced practitioners.

Power Yoga This class is designed  to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance for all levels.   Basic understanding of yoga and safe alignment is encouraged.  Expect to get your whole body working and engaged in this challenging class.

Karma Yoga is an all levels class and is great way to get to know the wonderful community at Twisted Tree Yoga.  Expect a thoughtful and inspiring practice with hands on assist and modifications to promote a healthy body. You are guided through transitions within the asana practice in a slower manner and with awareness. Visualizations and inspirational quotes are utilized throughout the class to help promote relaxation and peacefulness.  You can take this practice where you need to in order to grow on your own personal journey. 


Candlelight Restore and Renew is a restorative class focusing on re-energizing the body with gentle and supported poses to open up. Poses are held longer with emphasis on bringing the body back into balance. Students are situated in simple, comfortable poses on the floor supported with blankets, straps or blocks. Poses are held for longer periods of time and allow gravity to create the releases and openings for the body without the effort of “doing." Consider adding constructive “down time” to your practice, and amazing things may begin to happen.

Meditation is an open donation or free class that explores meditation and mindful movement/breathing. All are welcome and no experience needed.


Sunrise Yoga will align your body and calm your mind.  Energizing breath and dynamic movement will help to engage your whole self in this energizing class.  Sunrise Yoga will invigorate the body and create a peaceful center to prepare you for whatever the day brings

Pre/Postnatal Yoga teaches mothers-to-be and new mothers poses to help relieve the discomfort of pregnancy and post birth, with breathing and relaxation techniques to help with your pregnancy and birthing process. Enjoy the benefits of yoga in a safe and nurturing environment.  New mothers are also encouraged to return to this class as a great way to transition back into a regular yoga practice after childbirth. This is a very gentle yoga class, and no prior yoga experience is needed.