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Gentle is a beginner yoga class designed especially for individuals wanting a gentle practice, as well as for folks who live each day with chronic health issues. This class helps to increase mobility, inspire tranquility and promote a sense of overall well-being. The basics of yoga are introduced in a supportive atmosphere at a slower pace. Basic yoga poses and exercises will help you improve postural alignment, body dynamics, and range of  motion.

Mindful Morning is a gentle class designed to unite your body and mind, establishing a foundation of gratitude for the day ahead.  This class is open to all levels and offers many options to suit a variety of needs in the early morning.  Beginning our day with mindful movement is a way to ensure we live our lives with integrity and intention(Thurs 6-6:45)

Evening Flow Yoga is an all-levels class incorporating sun salutations, traditional yoga poses, and opportunities to build strength and flexibility.  This class is designed to allow participants to go at their own pace and customize their at home yoga practice. (M/W 8-9pm) 

Family Friendly Yoga This short class is meant for folks who want an at home practice that will help them tune in, while allowing their little ones to be a part of the practice.  Maybe your little ones are running around playing and wanting to participate.  Perhaps you have a sweet little one who is willing to watch and observe.  No matter what the vibe is in your home, everyone is welcome to log on for this online class.  

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