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Nourish Your Body

Yoga is more than tricky poses.

We all know we should get exercise daily. We should eat our fruits and veggies. We should drink plenty of water. We are told to get sunshine, but not too much.

And sometimes the signals from the experts are contradicting, confusing.

So it is important for me to stay connected to myself, so I can listen to the signals my body is sending.

For me yoga is a lens through which I can view the world. ❤My yoga practice allows me to set aside time for stillness, reflection. Time to myself so that I can sort out my heart and mind.

❤Yoga helps to guide me in my behavior, by supporting the "Golden Rule" that we treat others the way we want to be treated. Or treat others the way they want to be treated.

Some days taking time in my garden can feel like an exercise in mindfulness. I have time to notice the soil, the bugs, the plants, the smells. I recently picked a beautiful butternut squash from our garden. That night my kids helped me to cut it, scoop out the seeds and cook it for dinner.

This is yoga.

Simply taking time to notice the silky texture of fresh squash seeds between your fingers can be a yogic experience.

Feed yourself good fuel, notice the small things (like slimy seeds) and live a yogic life.

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