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New Year, New Classes

This is it, a time for starting something new. These ideas have been stewing, ripening, waiting for the right moment. And here we are.

My intention for this year is to continue to allow myself to grow and change. Acknowledging that adapting is not a sign of failure. And a "flop" in one department might be a "win" in another.

So here we are.

A billion years ago (ok, maybe 6 or 7 years ago) we offered a Heated Power Yoga class on Mon/Wed 8-9pm. I loved taking this class, and I loved teaching this class. But the studio has closed, I have changed and grown. But I am still teaching Power Yoga Mon/Wed 8-9pm. It is not a Power Yoga class, as it once was. It is a class for all humans, full of love, packed with movement. And that is why we show up. So, the new title for that class is "Evening Flow Yoga" and I hope you will give it a try.

I am also adding two new(ish) classes back into the schedule.

Family Friendly Yoga: This short class is meant for folks who want an at home practice that will help them tune in, while allowing their little ones to be a part of the practice. Mayhbe your little ones are running around playing and wanting to particpate. Perhaps you have a sweet little one who is willing to watch, observe. No matter what the vibe is in your home. everyone is welcome to log in for this online class.

Gentle Yoga: This is a beginner class designed especially for folks who live with everyday pain, or chronic issues. This class will help increase mobility, inspire tranquility and promote an overall sense of well-being. Basic yoga poses and exercises will help to improve alignment, and range of motion.

❤️My goal, always, is to share. When I find a recipe I love, I want to share it. When I find some leggings I love, I want to share. When I find a practice, a ritual, a modality, that I LOVE, I want to share! Practicing yoga has impacted my life in so many ways and I am so happy to SHARE this with you!

My advice to you: keep your ears to the ground. You might hear exactly what you are listening for.

Please reach out with any thoughts, questions, concerns and suggestions.

With Gratitude,


Online Classes:


9:30-10am Family Friendly Yoga

8-9pm Evening Flow Yoga


8-9pm Evening Flow Yoga


6-6:45am Mindful Morning

10-11am Gentle Yoga

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