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Finding Home in My Heart

How traveling has helped me feel more at home in my body.

After returning from a 2 week long camping trip with my family, I spent some time thinking about "home" and what it means to me.

Traveling is known to help us to look at life through a different lense. Being with the people I live with in places we have never been is so exciting and revealing. Ordinary things, like eating breakfast, and brushing our teeth, can feel like new experiences when occuring in new, creative places.

While our surroundings and views were changing, and exciting, and invigorating, I found myself frequently looking for something safe, steady, and familiar.

I found that in myself.

In my heart.

In my body.

My breath helped me to feel full and connected at times when I felt like I was floating, untethered. Making time for some mindful movement helped me to stay connected to my physical self. Our summer road trip took us from Des Plaines, to Niagara Falls, Vermont, and New Hampshire. I was so grateful to feel home in my heart and body no matter what state we travelled to.

This year has been personally challenging. Facing loss and the impermanence of life is forever humbling and saddening. Juggling personal commitments along with my responsibility to my family and my work is a tightrope I walk daily, and I think it is safe to guess many of you are also walking that tightrope. Balancing, adjusting, shifting, and doing whatever it takes to stay upright.

It is not easy. And yet, here we are.

In addition to continuing to offer online classes, I am excited to share that I am offering Chair Yoga classes at The Frisbie Senior Center in Des Plaines. In these classes, we focus on movements that will help us live our personal best everyday. Stretches and yoga poses that help us to reach the top shelf in our kitchen cabinets, tie our shoes, and carry groceries with confidence. We prioritize indivdual expression and celebrate meeting ourselves right where we are. Without judgement. For more info please head to

I am so grateful for the fun filled classes I have been sharing at local libraries. As a self proclaimed Book Worm, I am a huge fan of public libraries and am deeply grateful for the diverse programming offered to community members. I have had the pleasure of sharing Kids Yoga classes with babies, toddlers, new moms, grandparents, nannies and families in the Northwest suburbs.

Want to roll out your mat and flow with me in person? Cool. Please join me at the Des Plaines Park District! I am offering two different in-person classes on Tuesdays nights and would love to flow with you! For more info please head to

What is in store for 2024? Another year of growth, curiosity and love. I hope to continue to grow as an individual and as a business. I hope to spark curiosity in others and stay curious myself. I hope we can all love ourselves and one another more deeply than ever.

I remind myself daily that everything is temporary, nothing is permanent. For some that can feel like instability, but for me it feels like freedom.

I live each day supported by gratitude. Grateful for every inhale, and every exhale. I am grateful for everything that has led me to right here. Right now. Grateful to be at home in my body.

Please, my friends, if you have suggestions, or ideas, share. I am always open to new ideas and excited to continue growing.

With gratitude,


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