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Mindful Morning

Most days, I set my alarm extra early. I spend about 15 minutes in bed stretching (luckily my spouse leaves for work early!) Followed by about 5 or 10 minutes of stillness, in meditation.

Beginning my day this way helps me to ease into my day by loving myself. I establish a foundation of gratitude.

Grateful to wake up to another day.

Grateful for my home.

Grateful for the support from my family and friends.

Grateful for this inhale.

Grateful for this exhale.

I started offering Mindful Morning online a few months ago. And I am grateful.

It is a lovely, gentle, class focused on waking your body mindfully.

There are many things that we don't have any control over. It would be hard to predict all of the ways that your day can unfold. This class helps us to tune into our own sense of Knowing.

Know your body. Know your energy. Know how to care for your own heart.

Making time for a little structure in the morning can lead to a more balanced day. More balanced in your body and mind.

So, maybe set your alarm a little early and make time to build a beautiful base for your day.

With gratitude,


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