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Intentional Habits

It certainly isn't a perfect system, but I truthfully feel better when I make time for processing things throughout the day.

Beginning my day with simple stretches, some centering breaths and meditation helps me to wake up with clear intentions.

I get overwhelmed by tasks and responsibilities easily, so I use lists to help me navigate my day. My list might have a few things on it that are 100% necessary and a few things that I am just hoping to get to. It isn't set in stone, but it is a helpful tool for me to manage my anxiety.

I use lavender essential oil to help me relax in the evening. I use citrus and peppermint essential oils to help me reenergize and focus.

When a task feels too big to tackle, I try to break it down into steps that can be more manageable. I also allow myself to take breaks with things feel overwhelming or I get flustered, knowing I can come back feeling more centered.

Sometimes, I just need a cup of tea.

Maybe it is a ritual that I need, just as much as the drink.

Waiting for the water to boil.

Waiting for the tiny leaves to soften in the water.

Waiting for the tea to steep, just the right amount of time.

Waiting for the smell to drift from my mug.

Waiting for the tea to cool slightly so I don't burn my tongue on the first sip.

Find your tools. Notice your patterns, look for your own little red flags.

Establish and nourish healthy habits for yourself.

And always stay curious.

With Gratitude,


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