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Intention Setting

I set intentions.

Most days I wake up and set an intention for my day. I might take a few mindful breaths while repeating, "I am grateful." This helps me to establish a foundation of gratitude for the day, so that every step I take is supported by gratitude.

Some days I need to stop midday and set a new intention. If I am lacking motivation or feeling down I might set an intention to refocus and reframe the afternoon.

Sometimes, an intention comes and goes with the day, creating space for a new intention tomorrow.

But there are times that I need more INTENTION with my Intention Setting practice. This is when it becomes a deeper practice, a ritual. Like a seed I am planting, that will require attention, care, nourishment and love.

"I intend to see the goodness around me."

Honestly, this has been slipping between my fingers. Like I'm combing the sand looking for good and all I can focus on is the clutter. But I know the good is there.

When I continue to reach for this intention I am able to see more clearly that there is goodness all around me. And also, goodness within me.

The more I care for this intention, the more attention I give to the goodness, the more it grows. As it grows I can see it, and share it.

That being said, it is equally important to acknowledge that the world is not made up of only goodness. And the things that are scary, sad, devastating, terrifying, heart breaking, frustrating, infuriating...they are NOT bigger than the goodness.

I invite you to intend to see the goodness around you.

With gratitude,


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