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Happy New Year!

I am so grateful for all that this past year has given me. Specifically, time.

Time to be with my family, watching my kids grow and learn together.

Time with myself, reading, listening to music, washing dishes, going for a walk alone, and being with my own thoughts.

Time to travel (while trying to stay safe during a pandemic) and see more of the beautiful world we live in.

I am grateful for time to plan, plant, nurture, and love a small but plentiful vegetable garden in our backyard.

Grateful for the time to sit outside by a campfire telling stories, listening to others.

I am deeply grateful for the time to embrace a slower pace. To slow down, and celebrate small quiet moments without needing to rush to the next thing on the list.

Grateful for the time I can sit and watch the snow fall, leaving the earth glittery and coated in crystals.

Time is a gift and this year I hope to continue to make sure that I am enjoying this gift.

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