Adult Workshops

Yoga Nidra

Saturday, December 13th


Yoga 101: Yoga for Beginners

Thursdays, Jan 8-29th



Children's Yoga

Kids love yoga too! Share yoga with your family. Find out more about our classes and schedule.

Toddler Dance 

Starts October 9th-November 20th

Tween Yoga: Upcoming
Tuesdays January 6-27th
Tuesdays March 2-23rd
Tuesdays April 6-27th
Tuesdays June 8-29th

Story-Stretchers Yoga
Ages 3-6 years old

Baby Yoga/Massage

Upcoming Sessions

Saturdays 8:45-9:45am

January 17th-31st

March 14th-28th

May 9th-23rd

Mom & Baby yoga/massage classes introduce babies to yoga while providing a post-natal yoga practice for new mothers.