Yoga and Healing Circle for People of Color

with Mazie

Saturday 1/11, 12-1pm


Saturday 2/8, 12-1pm

$10 Advance Registration or Drop-in

Interested in exploring the practice of yoga in an inclusive space for People of Color?

This gentle hatha yoga class offers a healing space for those who identify as persons of color to support healing, improve physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. There will be an opportunity to listen to each other’s stories and learn how yoga philosophy and its practices, can be used to reclaim personal power, and heal the experience of being a person of color in America.


About Mazie:

Mazie Soto has been practicing yoga since 2000, in 2015 she completed her yoga certification, and has continued yoga teacher training in Yoga to Transform Trauma, and Bridging Yoga with Social Change. Her intention is to share the beautiful gifts of yoga; peace, strength, self-awareness, and balance, to name a few. And share the tools that she has learned from her diverse teachers, that have allowed her to be unapologetically and authentically her self, to take up space, to create boundaries, and find forgiveness for her self and others.

Chair Supported Yoga

with Rose

Fridays 12-1pm

Drop-in, no advance registration required

Chair Supported Yoga is a style of yoga that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of yoga (increased flexibility, deeper relaxation) without the need of full range of motion in the knee and shoulder joints.
This all levels adult class will emphasize body balance by working smaller joints in a coordinated routine, and better digestive function by including many gentle twists and folds.
Chair Supported Yoga will include both sitting and standing poses that use the chair as a prop aid.
A willingness to move is the only requirement.

Ocean of Devotion Gong Meditation

with Preston Klik

Saturday 2/22


$25 advance registration

$30 at the door

Preston Klik's Ocean of Devotion Gong-Meditation is a gentle, often quiet, but at times powerfully intense experience. It's a 90-minute acoustic journey with periods of verbal guidance. Preston plays a 36-inch Heart Gong, as well as crystal & Himalayan bowls, ocean & frame drums, Indian swarmpura, chimes, and more to provide a dynamic auditory experience. This richly cinematic musical odyssey-meditation is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the ear, heart, body, mind and spirit.
• "If prayer had a sound, this might be it."
• Remove barriers between your Self and your fullest expression of Love.
• Use sacred sound to dissolve and release dis-empowering stories.
• Align your Self with Source so that Spirit can express through you, AS you.

Partner Yoga

with Aaron and Karen

Sunday Feb 16


30$ per couple, pre-registration required

Grab your special Valentine, friend, relative or neighbor and practice yoga together in a class featuring poses built for two!!


In addition to learning Partner Yoga poses, we’ll also practice the basics of neck massage and hand massage using a lightweight cream.

No prior experience of yoga necessary, but willingness to interact with your partner a must.  Wear loose fitting clothing or yoga attire and plan to have a lot of fun!

Candlelight Yin & Reiki

with Sue

Friday 2/7


$15 advance registration

$20 at the door

Ease into the New Year with this special event. Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissue in the body (ligaments, joints, bones, and fascia). Yin yoga can improve the energy flow, or chi, in the organs of the body. A slow-paced Yin practice can help to balance the hustle of our often times, fast-paced Yang lifestyle. A reiki and crystal supported Savasana opens the body’s own energetic pathways to encourage physical and emotional healing.

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